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Field Service Management optimized with Field Service Edge (FSE) from ClickSoftware

Providing field service is as important as ever – whether it is about customer-specific activities or performing maintenance on your infrastructure, service allows you to differentiate yourself for customers while containing corresponding margins under pressure.

With Click Field Service Edge (FSE), you will have a cloud-based solution which focuses exclusively on the most difficult optimization challenges in Field Service Management.

FSE offers intelligent automation which ensures an efficient service process, allowing you to create a competitive edge and remain one step ahead of your customers’ expectations.

With Field Service Edge you can

Increase productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction

Optimize your service process to increase productivity, while balancing KPIs.

Let your organization and Customer Lifetime Value grow

Offer an exceptional customer experience, so that you will attract and retain customers at increased profitability.

Mitigate the risks of Business-Critical Services

Reduce cost and risk, while providing business-critical services that comply with the law, regulations, and SLAs.

Field Service Edge: opportunities & services

Best of breed solutions for scheduling, dispatching and execution

Manage, Schedule and Optimize ANY type of job performed by EVERY type of resource

Artificial Intelligence and process optimization

State of the art mobile Field Service-application

Consultancy, Support and Training Services


Our vision

We believe that organizations maintain and strengthen their competitive edge by optimizing their service and maintenance processes. IT will become an important business element, thereby increasing productivity, making cost more manageable, and allowing the organization to react more responsively to market developments.

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“After deploying ClickSchedule, we have been able to economize on our planning capacity by 50%.”



Every field service organization schedules and dispatches work according to its own methods. In order to truly optimize the field service process, it is not enough to just automate it. It requires harmony between scheduling operations, field professionals, management vision and technology.

Clicksoftware FSE offers advanced algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) which transform field service from reactively scheduling and managing tasks, to a predictive, highly automated approach which allows you to stay a step ahead of customers, field conditions, and the competition. These capabilities fully support our customers in their need to gain transparency and manage their costs, but on top of that allow them to engage and satisfy their customers during every step of the service process.

Strategic Planning & Forecasting

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Scheduling & Dispatch

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Customer Engagement

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Workforce Mobility

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Artificial Intelligence

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